From Jackpot to Jackboot: Williamsburg Condo Buyers Ditched for Rentals

Le Jardin! Get it! Because there's a garden! And Brooklyn is somehow vaguely French!!!

Le jardin? Très chic, mais très impoli!

The luxurious condo building in Williamsburg, The Jardin (or garden in French), has called off all sales and is converting the building into rentals. More than half of the building has been sold, but the developers decided to cancel all contracts. Tough luck for the buyers, waiting patiently to move in, The Journal reports:

“We felt like we hit the jackpot,” said Beat Kaestli, a freelance musician, of his experience of finding an ideal one-bedroom apartment in the building. “Now we feel violated.”

Mr. Kaestli and his partner signed a contract in October, and had hoped to move in this January. The move-in date kept getting pushed back, while the couple hopped between sublets and family and friends waiting for their new place to be ready.

A few weeks ago, they were told the building was being converted to rentals. “This is impossible,” Mr. Kaestli thought, because they had put down a deposit, which they thought guaranteed them the unit.

The would-be residents are upset and angered over the perfectly legal contract void. Not only have they lost a place to live and time, but money on lawyer, inspector and procedural fees.

It’s dirty play, but it could also be a blessing in disguise, saving them from years of living in Williamsburg.

From Jackpot to Jackboot: Williamsburg Condo Buyers Ditched for Rentals