Giordano now Christie’s favorite town hall target

WESTWOOD – In front of a standing room only crowd here at the local community center, Gov. Chris Christie again used NJEA Executive Director Vince Giordano as the target to stir support for the Opportunity Scholarship Act, a vouchers pilot program.

Referring to the “political bullies in the union” who don’t welcome the schools reforms Christie favors, the governor fixated on Giordano’s comments in an interview when Giordano said parents of urban children in failing schools should be mindful that “life’s not always fair.”

“When you’re making $300,000-plus and receiving a big benefits package, you can say ‘life’s not fair,’” said Christie. “Well, it’s been pretty fair to you, but not if you’re a kid living in one of those 200 failing schools.” Giordano now Christie’s favorite town hall target