Greedy Guy Wants More Money After Apartment Featured in Newspaper


The honor system is dead. One needs to look no further than to Philip Micali for evidence. When he saw that his home was being featured as The Post‘s “House of the Week,” a day after signing it away to buyer Jean Gath, Mr. Micali started to waver on the deal.

His irises, having been replaced by green dollar signs, led him to rescind the original contract and then ask Ms. Gath for an additional $55,000, making the total asking price $795,000, according to The Daily News.

What’s a girl to do?

Ms. Gath is taking the high road and is bringing the case to the Manhattan Supreme Court. But for those of us with neither the time nor the patience to endure the pending decision of the legislature and the antics of someone who, as an adult, has tried to pull a “takesy backsy” on us, there is an alternate way of handling the situation:

  1. Get to a payphone.
  2. Call up The Don’s Deli and ask for “Linguini.”
  3. When prompted, say, “It was Barzini. I mean, Micali.”
  4. State your situation.
  5. Offer monetary compensation.
  6. Wait.

Within 24 hours, the culprit will not only apologize to you, but also agree to the original deal and add in a few kickbacks as well (you can keep that antique lamp you were eyeing).

When signing on the dotted line is no longer considered a binding act, a little scare tactic never hurt anyone. Frowned upon? Maybe. Effective? Definitely.

Greedy Guy Wants More Money After Apartment Featured in Newspaper