Gusciora calls for passage of marriage equality law

TRENTON – Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, one of the prime sponsors of the Marriage Equality Act, called for passage of this landmark bill today.

He talked of getting the opportunity to “put safeguards in place to protect” the things that are important.  He asked for people to vote their conscience, and said history will take note of what side a vote fell on today.

“Throughout this legislative process there has been a lot of name calling,’’ he said. “One legislator called me a coward.’’

He said he was grateful for the opportunity to talk with the governor whose derogatory comment was made in the heat of political discussion on the topic of same-sex marriage.

“As long as government defines marriage, it should be done on an equitable basis,’’ said Gusciora, an openly gay member of the Legislature. “I can’t change who I am.’’

He talked about a lesbian couple in his district whose out-of-state marriage became a civil union once they crossed the state lines.

“Words do matter,’’ Gusciora said. 

He also said that placing this issue on a ballot is very “un-Madisonion,” in response to those who want same sex marriage on a referendum for popular vote.

Gusciora calls for passage of marriage equality law