Linstapaper and Linstagrams: Popular Web Apps Now Rife with Linsanity


Jeremy Lin may be the most popular athlete in history whose physical skills are equally proportional to his consummate nerdiness. One example: The Landry Fields/Jeremy Lin “Nerdshake.” For another, just look to his fanbase, which apparently includes coders and the tech-savvy users they cater to, both of whom are expressing their Linsanity through popular web apps.

Instapaper, Marco Arment’s original “reader” app, has now been transformed for the Jeremy Lin-obsessed into—yes—Linstapaper, which collects all the Jeremy Lin-related reads obsessives would want to pore over, all in once place, in one nifty URL, which “Read Later” tags attached to them. The man behind it? Jeremy Singer-Vine, a journalist-programmer who’s written and programmed for Slate and the Wall Street Journal. The Atlantic Wire points to Mr. Singer-Vine’s Twitter, where he notes:



Not bad. He’s also been taking recommendations over Twitter for what to aggregate into Linstapaper; it’s an impressive case study in crowd-sourcing moving in the opposite direction it usually does.

Elsewhere, there are LINSTAGRAMS: Code for Instagrammed photos tagged with the word “LIN” and aggregated on Hashgram (which picks up various Instagram tags). There’s no cute URL for it yet, but there’s more than enough to keep the tag moving.

Meanwhile, SF Gate’s Tech Chronicles blog notes the Lin Effect on social networks.

Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian recently attempted to explain the nerd-crush on Jeremy Lin as best he can at Wired on how Jeremy Lin’s success is so exciting for him and his “fellow geeks” (he offered Betabeat the same takeaway a day before):

Jeremy Lin is a validation of our worldview: Ignore expectation, follow the data.

…which, as evidenced, said geeks will be continuing to provide on many a medium in the coming months until the NBA season ends, and probably long after that. Linsanity—especially on the Internet—isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. | @weareyourfek Linstapaper and Linstagrams: Popular Web Apps Now Rife with Linsanity