Did Jeremy Lin Force MSG to End the Time-Warner Cable Standoff?

Just the facts, here:

The blackout of the MSG Network for Time-Warner Cable’s 2.8 Million customers in New York City started on Sunday, January 1st.

35 days later, as MSG was still dark for Time-Warner customers, Jeremy Lin had his first breakout game with the New York Knicks, on Saturday, February 4th.

13 days later, the MSG/Time-Warner Cable standoff reportedly ends today, February 17, 2012.

Ever since the debut of Jeremy Lin, MSG stock has soared.

On the news that New Yorkers will be able to watch Jeremy Lin play on TV again, just now, MSG stock soared 4.4%:

To wit:

The cost of sports programming is on the rise globally as it is one of the few kinds of live programming still viewed by enough people to attract top advertising dollars. Other TV shows, such as dramas and comedies, are often taped and watched later, when viewers often fast-forward through commercials. TV ratings have jumped since Lin was entered into the starting lineup on Feb 6, according to MSG.

If Time-Warner Cable or MSG return the Observer‘s request for quote, we’ll be sure to ask them the aforementioned question. Since they have not, The Observer cannot report MSG or Time-Warner Cable citing Jeremy Lin as the reason this dispute has ended.

Therefore, to editorialize for a moment, to not think Jeremy Lin is the reason Time-Warner and MSG ended the dispute would call into question one’s standing as a sentient human being capable of the most rudimentary logic skills.

To celebrate the end of this standoff, here is Jeremy Lin, teaching you how to dougie.

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