Jimmy Oddo Addresses The Big Controversy

Councilman Jimmy Oddo

At a Saturday afternoon rally largely dedicated to defending Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm in the face of criminal fundraising allegations, Councilman Jimmy Oddo, who’s also a candidate for Borough President, decided to start his speech with a bang.

“It’s my style to take things heads on, so I want to start by addressing the controversy of the day,” Mr. Oddo began, taking off his jacket to reveal a sweater vest underneath.

“I have been wearing sweater vests long before a particular presidential candidate, okay?” he proclaimed.

Rick Santorum, of course, has made a mark on the nation’s fashion scene via his trademark sweater vest. He subsequently surged in the polls and is now a top-tier contender for the presidency.

How much the sleeveless attire has helped his quest for the White House is unknown, but it certainly wasn’t enough to earn the endorsement from Staten Island’s sweater vest enthusiast.

“This is not to be taken as an endorsement and I do not want Guy Molinari pissed at me again,” Mr. Oddo added, jokingly referring to the Staten Island power broker, and Romney-backer, sitting to his left, all to the crowd’s delight.

Those who wish to follow Mr. Oddo and Mr. Santorum’s revolutionary path can plunk down $100 to Mr. Santorum’s campaign and receive a sweater vest of their very own. Clothing stores may also have cheaper options.

Watch Mr. Oddo make his fashion statement below:

Jimmy Oddo Addresses The Big Controversy