Jimmy Pardo: Podcast Scene ‘Incestuous’

Jimmy Pardo.

In this week’s feature on podcast culture, we noted the popularity of a variety of comedy podcasts, many of which draw upon similar guest-driven formats. One interview subject noted the difficulty of having helped to define the format. Said podcast pioneer Jimmy Pardo, of Never Not Funny: “It’s a little too incestuous. We’re all kind of using the same guests. I know we’re trying, and other shows are trying, to think outside this world a little bit.” Mr. Pardo said that when he’d had guests who were mainstream comedians, others had followed him. “It isn’t really groundbreaking because we’re all doing that now.”

Shows that swap out their guests week-to-week came in for criticism with Mr. Pardo: “I know there are some shows where you only listen if you like the guest. I don’t think you subscribe to my show for that reason. I think you subscribe for me.

“I’m only going to go on the feedback I hear from others… they say, I like Marc Maron’s show, but I pick and choose who to listen to because of the guests. I pick and choose who to listen to because of the guests. But I have to remember that people are telling me this because they like me.”

As he got into the game early, Mr. Pardo has had the luxury of defining his reality: “It would have driven me nuts to see Marc Maron, [Todd] Glass, [Chris] Hardwick, doing their podcasts,” said Mr. Pardo of why he decided to start in 2006, before many others began taping. “I would have been jealous and bitter.” Jimmy Pardo: Podcast Scene ‘Incestuous’