Joseph Abboud’s Creative Director, Bernardo Rojo, Drinks Champagne All Night

Stand tall men! Landry Fields, Matt Czuchry, Chris Lowell, and Kellan Lutz. Lowell is definitely thinking, "damn what a beautful man!"


Over the past three years, Joseph Abboud’s Creative Director, Bernardo Rojo, has worked with his team to rediscover the menswear brand’s mojo: A balance between Patrick Bateman and the boy next door. Tim Murphy’s 2011 New York Times profile on Rojo more than assured us that he has the personal taste to exceed the challenge…


This past week, the label presented its collection on the runway today for the first time in seven years! What took so long? The Observer missed half of the show thanks to gnarly traffic, but we saw enough to begin dreaming up a purchase plan. Masculine sophistication if the Gatsby era had a Milan-of-today look. Débonnaire indeed! Above all— was the dramatic, eveningwear finale, when the models (lead by Sean O’Pry!) marched, en-masse, to the end of the catwalk. Mission accomplished Señor Rojo! But tell us more:

Sean O'Pry is so perfect it hurts one's eyes.

Why 1930s refinement for this season? Are you in a recession fun? Those clothes looked pricey!

Mid-1930s [was a] time of American elegance and glamor; the men were the peacocks of the time – all about great style. We’re trying to elevate the brand and with that comes higher quality fabrics that cost more.  That said, we have no intention of abandoning our core customer and will continue to offer luxury items at an affordable cost.


You had a lot of hunks sitting in your front row! Who were all those blokes? Matt Czuchry, Chris Lowell, Landry Fields and Kellan Lutz. [who looked smoking in a Joseph Abboud Collection two-button, peak lapel,  three-piece suit]

Bernardo Rojo tries to take Kellan Lutz home...


Impressive! Did you go to your after party at The Vault? Great grub by the way… No on serves decent food at these things and Team Abboud treated us like they do in Milan!

Yes I was there!  Glad you enjoyed the food!  It was great to celebrate with the team after several months of hard work.


What did you drink?

I drank Champagne all night


Any more parties or merriment this fashion week? Or will it be all work?

I am heading to London tonight to work on spring 2013, so no more parties for me…


When the ridiculousness ends will you yet off on holiday?

Yes, I will be spending some down time in Mexico.



Joseph Abboud’s Creative Director, Bernardo Rojo, Drinks Champagne All Night