Judiciary hearings set for Supreme Court nominees

TRENTON – The two state Supreme Court nominees are scheduled to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 22, according to the upper chamber.

Nominees Phillip Kwon and Bruce Harris will receive their nomination hearings, according to the Senate President Steve Sweeney and Judiciary Chairman Nicholas Scutari, contingent upon the nominees’ compliance with committee requests for information.

Kwon’s nomination raised some questions after the Star-Ledger reported a business owned by his mother paid $160,000 to settle a civil complaint over $2 million deposited into a bank account in increments.

 “I anticipate that within the next several weeks, members will have had the opportunity to meet with these nominees personally, and we will be at the point where full hearings can be conducted,” Sweeney said today in a release.

“Ensuring these nominees meet the high standards set by previous members of the Supreme Court is essential. The Senate will not be a rubber stamp.”

Judiciary hearings set for Supreme Court nominees