Kathryn Schulz Named Book Critic at New York

(image via BeingWrongBook.com)

Kathryn Schulz was named book critic at New York today, filling a post that has been officially vacant since Sam Anderson left for The New York Times Magazine more than a year ago.

Ms. Schulz is probably best known for her own book, Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error, although her byline appeared in the magazine a handful of times in 2011. Earlier this year she won the National Book Critics Circle’s Nona Balakian Prize, which her predecessor also won, in 2007. At New York, she will write a monthly essay on books and occasional web stories, according to an announcement from editor-in-chief Adam Moss. 

“Kathryn has a wide-ranging intellect and a vivid voice, and I’m thrilled that she’s bringing her formidable talents to New York,” Mr. Moss wrote in the announcement. “Our readers, who had a taste of Kathryn’s work last year, can look forward to thoughtful works beyond the traditional book review, on literary subjects and big ideas that books put in motion. She’s the kind of writer you want to read on anything, because her mind is so interesting.”

Hypersensitive authors may find comfort in the fact that, because of Being Wrong, Ms. Schulz is often referred to as “the world’s leading wrongologist.”

Kathryn Schulz Named Book Critic at New York