Lancman Homes in on Jewish Vote for Congressional Campaign

Lancman and Turner at a Crown Heights event last night. (Photo: Twitpic)

Last night, Democratic Assemblyman Rory Lancman, who’s running against GOP Congressman Bob Turner, tweeted his presence at a Crown Heights event remembering the Israeli government’s decision to evict the residents of a Jewish settlement called Gush Katif in southern Israel.

Crown Heights isn’t anywhere near the district, but the event, attended by Mr. Turner as well, is yet another marker in a sharp trend of Mr. Lancman’s campaign efforts courting the Jewish communities in Queens and Brooklyn.

According to a reader in Queens, just this week Mr. Lancman made the front page of The Jewish WeekQueens Jewish Link and the Bukharian Times, as well as an article in the online Jewish magazine Tablet. Mr. Lancman was also recently on the front page of the 5 Towns Jewish Times in Nassau County, an Orthodox Jewish stronghold where some sources suggest Mr. Turner’s Congressional District could shift.

According to his Twitter feed, Mr. Lancman also recently went to an event in Coney Island to meet with Avigdor Lieberman, the right-wing foreign minister of Israel, and a Queens Jewish Community Council meeting at his shul where both he and Mr. Turner discussed Israel & Iran.

His efforts are notable in the context of redistricting. New York is slated to lose two Congressional seats this year, and should Mr. Turner’s district survive, there’s a decent chance his district will absorb additional Jewish communities from surrounding districts.

Should that indeed happen, Mr. Turner would likely be happy as well. His upset victory in a special election last summer was partially based on heavy support from these same communities. Lancman Homes in on Jewish Vote for Congressional Campaign