Lancman: Turner Won’t Be Able to Use Israel Against Me

Assemblyman Lancman (Photo: Facebook)

Last night, The New York Times reported Assemblyman Rory Lancman will be announcing his campaign against Republican Congressman Bob Turner today, and this morning, Mr. Lancman told The Politicker his campaign will be quite different from the special election waged last summer when former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Twitter scandal left the seat suddenly vacant.

Mr. Turner famously used Israel as a wedge issue in that campaign, driving the conversation in his favor in the heavily Jewish district, but Mr. Lancman was unconcerned about the same thing happening to him.

“He can try,” Mr. Lancman responded. “But my Israel advocacy credentials are outstanding. It’s not just me talking the talk, but walking the walk.”

Mr. Lancman then ticked off a list of his pro-Israeli accomplishments and recognition, including a recent bill he co-sponsored to impose state-level sanctions on Iran. Mr. Lancman has previously criticized Mr. Turner over Iran policy.

“With Bob Turner, I’m happy that he talks the talk,” Mr. Lancman continued. “But on Israel, Iran and other elements of our foreign policy, he hasn’t walked the walk.”

Asked specifically about lessons from the Democrats’ unsuccessful efforts against Mr. Turner last summer, Mr. Lancman simply said every campaign is unique.

“I think each race is its own dynamic and in its own moment of time.”

“All I can say is that I know there were people in the district that wanted to send a message in September of 2011,” he added, referencing a call former Mayor Ed Koch and others made to “send a message” to President Barack Obama over Israel by electing a Republican in a Democratic-leaning district.

Needless to say, Mr. Lancman feels things will be quite different this time. Lancman: Turner Won’t Be Able to Use Israel Against Me