Last Week in Betabeat: Seven Days of Meetups

Too busy to check your daily Betabeat? Here are the highlights from last week, as selected by the editors.

REQUIRED READING: I’m Here to Make Friends: A Spin Through New York’s Meetups

REQUIRED READING: Big Data Funding Gets Bigger: IA Ventures Raised $105 M, Bouble Its Previous Fund

REQUIRED READING: Dwolla Announces Funding Led by Union Square Ventures


‘NY Tech Day’ to Cement City’s Tradition of Massive Tech Events, a Social Network for Street Style is Raising a 760K Debt Round
Youngest Person in New York Tech Meetup History Demos iPad App
Cornell Plans on Partnering with Other International Universities, Besides Technion, For Roosevelt Island Tech Campus


Google Says ‘Gchat’ is Not a Word
Wow, There Sure Are a Lot of Ads Next to My Face on Facebook
Fitocracy Now Has a Dick, a Wang, and a Cocken
The Annotated Steve Jobs FBI File: Apple Founder Was a Manipulative Druggie
Researchers Say Online Dating Algorithms Are About as Accurate as Picking Up Strangers in Bars
Is The Yard, A New Coworking Space in Williamsburg, the General Assembly of Brooklyn?

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