Latino Action Network endorses Marriage Equality Act

TRENTON  – On the eve of the Assembly vote on same-sex marriage, the Latino Action Network endorsed the measure.

“Marriage Equality is an important civil rights issue and we believe it is long overdue in the state of New Jersey,” Frank Argote-Freyre, Latino Action Network president, said in a release.

The Senate passed the Marriage Equality Act on Monday. Assembly passage is expected, as is a gubernatorial veto.

“The members of the Latino Action Network believe that all people deserve equal rights under the law,” the organization said in its endorsement. “The rights that are available to one group of people should be available to all people. These rights should extend to marriage. The right to marry the person you love should be available to everyone.”

Argote-Freyre said, “There should not be a double standard for same sex couples.”

Latino Action Network endorses Marriage Equality Act