LINsulting: ESPN Cans Writer of Racially Insensitive Lin Headline

ESPN has booted the employee who authored its now-infamous “Chink in the Armor” headline referencing Asian-American superstar Jeremy Lin’s tough game in the Knicks’ loss to the Hornets Friday. The network also acknowledged a third “inappropriate” comment:

Saturday we apologized for two references. We have since learned of a similar reference Friday on ESPN Radio New York. The incidents were separate and different. We have engaged in a thorough review of all three and have taken the following action:

• The ESPN employee responsible for our Mobile headline has been dismissed.

• The ESPNEWS anchor has been suspended for 30 days.

• The radio commentator is not an ESPN employee.

We again apologize, especially to Mr. Lin.

The anchor suspended for his own use of the phrase was Max Bretos, whose use of “chink in the armor” was captured for posterity on video.

ESPN’s statement also lauded Mr. Lin’s accomplishments and acknowledged that they are “a source of great pride” to Asian-Americans.

If comments on the Observer‘s website as well as Twitter chatter are any indication, it may still take some time for ESPN to truly appease fans of the Knicks and fans of Mr. Lin.

[AP/CBS News] LINsulting: ESPN Cans Writer of Racially Insensitive Lin Headline