Madonna Lip-Syncs Real Good During the Super Bowl Halftime, Elton John Currently Speechless (Video)

Gladiators! Cheerleaders! Tightrope dancers! LMFAO! Why not-singing made Madge's performance all the more Super

It's good to be queen (Getty Images)

Even if she wasn’t singing live, Madonna took her frenemy’s words to heart. Not content to stop at “good,” Madonna’s performance was great; earning her resounding applause from everyone from Fred Durst to Alec Baldwin and The New Yorker‘s music critic Sasha Frere-Jones, who was liveblogging the event:


I no longer believe that this performance contains any live singing, nor do I care. The song is better than I thought, now it seems as happy as it should have, maybe because of the positive pressure of live performance…

And now it’s “Like a Prayer,” my fifth favorite Madonna song. This crazy-ass video screen field is genuinely wicked. Is this maybe live singing now? Cee-Lo has been brought in to do black lame (I think) gospel robes. This sounds live, and I assume Cee-Lo is here to kill the hook. Madge knows the crowd—choose the song Americans know, and hey, election year, let’s go with prayer.

In conclusion: Did Madonna lip-sync? Probably. (Though we won’t say yes for sure, because we don’t want to get an angry call from Liz Rosenberg tomorrow.)

Did it matter? Not at all. Despite a few detractors, not even Sir Elton John nor Mr. Furnish could muster any public Haterade for a dazzling performance whose only “Fuck You” moment came not from a Cee Lo reference nor a pissed off Madonna, but from M.I.A. trying to make a statement about…lord knows what.

Maybe we need more lip-syncing during these live shows: it certainly couldn’t have hurt last year’s Black Eyed Peas debacle. And the perfect vocals allowed us to pay attention to what really mattered: Madonna’s bizarrely fantastic costume changes. As comedian Julie Klausner tweeted during the show, “Every man’s fantasy of an ancient gay icon cheerleader in front of a marching band just came true.”

What could be more apropos during a football game than that?

Madonna Lip-Syncs Real Good During the Super Bowl Halftime, Elton John Currently Speechless (Video)