Mayor Bloomberg: This Will Be The Best Fashion Week Ever [Video]

Diane von Fürstenberg, Mayor Bloomberg and Congresswoman Maloney pose for a photo. (Photo: Facebook)

Earlier this afternoon, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg and others held a press conference to cheer the economic benefits of New York City’s fashion industry and programs the city is implementing to grow this success.

“Today, I’m pleased to announce that, based on new data from the City’s Economic Development Corporation, Fashion Week’s two events this year will produce a record economic impact of $865 million dollars,” Mr. Bloomberg proudly stated.

Mr. Bloomberg went on to wax poetic about the significance of the fashion industry in New York.

“This semi-annual event really is an incredible time of the year for New York City. It’s great for our economy and it’s great for New Yorkers to understand we are the fashion capital of the world.”

Lest anyone think another city might deserve that honor, Mr. Bloomberg made sure to note New York has “double the number of fashion companies [than] in Par-ee.”

Mayor Bloomberg also described the loan programs and initiatives his administration is implementing to promote the couture in New York, including the city’s Fashion Incubator program that provides space for aspiring designers.

Ms. von Fürstenberg praised the mayor for his efforts.

“New Yorkers are very lucky to have Mayor Bloomberg as mayor, and the fashion industry is particularly lucky to have him. He has been so supportive of our industry,” she extolled.

She also had kind words for his handsome looks.

Watch the press conference below:

Mayor Bloomberg: This Will Be The Best Fashion Week Ever [Video]