Michele Bachmann Blasts Obama For Not ‘Standing By’ Israel And Mubarak

Congresswoman Michele Bachamnn (Getty)

WASHINGTON Michele Bachmann made a speech at the American Conservative Union’s annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. where she accused President Barack Obama of making a series of dangerous foreign policy “miscalculations” including failing to support Israel and not standing by ousted Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak in his quest to keep the Muslim Brotherhood at bay.

“Obama failed to stand by Mubarak and that helped fuel the revolution in Egypt and it led to a regime that was based on sharia law with 72 percent of the seats in the Lower House in Egypt now occupied by the Brotherhood and an even more radical Salafist party,” Ms. Bachmann said.

Ms. Bachmann said she wanted to prevent President Obama from highlighting “foreign policy successes” in his re-election effort.

“This fall, President Obama will be pointing to his foreign policy successes in order to make the case for his successful re-election. He’ll be pointing to Bin Laden, he’ll be pointing to the overthrow of Qaddafi, he’ll be pointing to the Arab Spring as his foreign policy success story,” Ms. Bachmann said. “These are tactical successes that don’t begin to compare with the mess that Barack Obama has made of the Middle East and the strategic foreign policy blunders.”

Ms. Bachmann said the president’s main mistake was choosing “Islamic outreach over Israel” and she cited his speech in Cairo, his handling of Israel and the withdrawal of troops from Iraq as examples of the president’s missteps.

“When Barack Obama chose Islamic outreach over Israel, he changed the course of history,” Ms. Bachmann said. “No president since the modern state of Israel has failed to stand by our ally Israel, only President Obama.”

Ms. Bachmann had particularly harsh words for President Obama’s decision to invite members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to his landmark 2o09 Cairo speech, a decision she called “absolutely shocking.”

“The president spurned the President of Egypt when he took his first foreign trip to Cairo,” Ms. Bachmann said. “In an absolutely shocking move, he invited the Muslim Brotherhood to hear his speech when Mubarak’s policy was to keep the Brotherhood at arm’s length. The Muslim Brotherhood’s mission is the spread of global jihad and their leader has called for the demise, not only of the United States, but also of Israel.”

Ms. Bachmann blamed this choice for helping to “fuel” the Arab Spring, which she said led to the “rise of political Islam” throughout the Arab world.

“The spread of radical Islam has not been confined to Egypt. The rise of political Islam has brought sharia law now to Tunisia and Al Qaeda to Libya, as I warned during the presidential race earlier this year,” Ms. Bachmann said.

According to Ms. Bachmann these “miscalculations” have put the world “on the verge of a nuclear Iran.”

“And Iran is committed to both the destruction of Israel and of the United States,” Ms. Bachmann said. “And they are the epicenter of global jihad.”

Ms. Bachmann equated the withdrawal of troops from Iraq with handing that country “to the Iranians” and she predicted the president will do the same thing in Afghanistan.

“We credit our brave troops for winning the war in Iraq at a very tremendous cost, but the president recently chose intentionally to lose the peace,” Ms. Bachmann said. “They intend to do the same thing in Afghanistan and they will likely lose the peace in Afghanistan. It’s unthinkable after a decade of effort to defeat global jhad, Obama, for the sake of his political re-election, has chosen to hand Iraq to the Iranians.”

Ms. Bachmann said President Obama has done several things wrong with respect to Israel starting with his call for the country to retreat to its pre-Six Day War borders.

“Before Obama was elected, Israel could count on America’s unwavering support, but since Obama’s election, Israel has rarely enjoyed President Obama’s support, and in May he even said that Israel should retreat to her indefensible 1967 borders,” Ms. Bachmann said. “In a bad case of misplaced priorities, the president thinks that Israel building apartment buildings on her own land is worse than Iran getting a nuclear bomb.”

Ms. Bachmann also criticized the president for the State Department’s policy of not recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

“Obama’s State Department now designates Jerusalem as an international city and, in a bizarre move, our State Department won’t even acknowledge that Jerusalem belongs to Israel. Jerusalem does belong to Israel,” she said.

She also slammed the president for saying America is “not a Christian nation, or a Jewish nation, or a Muslim nation.”

“Before obama was elected, no one had ever heard of a United States president saying to the world that the United States is not a judeo-christian nation,” Ms. Bachmann said. “I am here to say we are.”

Though she expects President Obama to tout his “foreign policy success story” on the campaign trail, Ms. Bachmann concluded by saying his foreign policies are precisely the reason he shouldn’t be re-elected.

“The president’s foreign policy does change the history of the world, which is why Barack Obama cannot have a second term as president.” Michele Bachmann Blasts Obama For Not ‘Standing By’ Israel And Mubarak