Mitt Romney Wins In Michigan And Arizona

Mitt Romney, happy. (Photo: Getty)

Mitt Romney bested Rick Santorum in a pair Republican presidential primaries tonight–a widely expected win in Arizona and a close, crucial victory in Michigan. With his wins tonight, Mr. Romney built on his delegate lead and stopped the momentum Mr. Santorum was beginning to enjoy after a trio of victories in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado earlier this month. Mr. Romney has a personal history in Michigan. His father served as governor there from 1963 until 1969. Despite Mr. Romney’s ties to the Wolverine State, the race became close as Mr. Santorum surged in the polls. Both candidates made a major push to win Michigan complete with vicious ads and accusations of dirty politics.

Mr. Santorum’s chances of earning the Republican nomination may have suffered a setback, but his campaign likely isn’t giving up. Earlier this morning, Mr. Santorum’s campaign manager, Michael Biundo, wrote a post on his Facebook page declaring his candidate the real winner of Michigan primary regardless of the outcome.

“No matter what happens here on election day. Rick Santorum has already won Mitts home state of Michigan by making him out spend us at least five to one in what should have been a easy victory for him,” Mr. Biundo wrote.

The next vote coming up before next week’s “Super Tuesday” flood of states is Washington, which votes this Saturday. Mitt Romney Wins In Michigan And Arizona