More On The Congressional Run Of Sylvia Kinard, Ex-Wife of Bill Thompson

Yesterday we wrote about how Sylvia Kinard, the ex-wife of former Democratic mayoral nominee Bill Thompson, is running for Congress in Brooklyn against incumbent Rep. Yvette Clark. 

According to two sources, a lot of the push for Ms. Kinard comes from members of the district’s Jewish community who have been unsatisfied with Ms. Clark, citing her opposition to resolution that condemned the Goldstone Report–a United Nations-sponsored investigation that found human rights violations on the part of Israel during the Gaza War–and her criticism of the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

“It’s numerous things,” said one district source. “They believe she hasn’t been around.”

Two years ago, Ms. Clarke had a tense meeting with Jewish members of her district, and sources inside the Jewish community and close to Ms. Clarke say that tensions have quieted down since then.

Jews remain a distinct minority in the district even though it does contain parts of Crown Heights and Flatbush, some of the most Jewish-heavy neighborhoods in the city.

Meanwhile Ms. Kinard may have to answer some questions of her own.

The lawyer and pastor was a registered Republican in the 1990’s, when she served as an attorney for the George Pataki administration’s Housing Department.

“I was definitely a Democrat when I was married to the comptroller,” Ms. Kinard said, adding that she switched her registration in 2000.

Asked if she felt she needed to register as a Republican in order to serve under Mr. Pataki, she responded, “I did. I will leave it at that.”

  More On The Congressional Run Of Sylvia Kinard, Ex-Wife of Bill Thompson