Morning Links: Crying German Men Edition

Mr. Banderas.

Here’s some info on the Morgan Library’s collection of Rembrandt’s Dutch drawings. [WSJ]

Performance maven Marina Abramovic talks about the new documentary of her MoMA retrospective and explains that it moved audience members at its premiere in Berlin to tears. She notes: “To make German men cry is not an easy task.” [The Globe and Mail]

The Art Newspaper talks to Grayson Perry, artist and “celebrity transvestite.” [TAN]

Wyndham Lewis stole from Picasso; Francis Bacon was borrowing. [FT]

Bronze boy on rocking horse set for fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square. [The Guardian]

One Washington state senator has a plan to sell off the government’s art collection in $5 million chunks. The politician came up with the idea after seeing a “masterpiece” in a basement conference room. [Art Market Monitor]

Antonio Banderas will play Picasso. [The Daily Mail]

How did the University of California, Berkeley, lose a 22-foot-long carved panel by African-American sculptor Sargent Johnson? Or sell it for $150? [NYT]

Auction items announced for Art Fag City Rob Pruitt Awards including a photo by Richard Kern, tea with John Giorno and relationship advice from Genesis P-Orridge [Art Fag City]

Sarah Palin’s hometown debates the vagina resemblance of a public statue. [LA Times] Morning Links: Crying German Men Edition