Morning Links: Female War Corros Remember Marie Colvin

Eliza Griswold on Marie Colvin: “I am not, and will never be, half the bad ass Marie Colvin was. The only eye patch I’ve worn was to a Paris Review softball game after I scratched a cornea on a dress tag.” [NY Mag]

The Obama administration promised laws to protect whistle-blowers but has been more prone than any previous administration to silence federal workers by prosecuting them as spies. [NY Times]

MSNBC does not share Pat Buchanan’s remorse for “the end of white America.” [NY Times]

Ugh, no more Googling around the Wall Street Journal‘s paywall. []

Magazine publishers’ next move? Digitizing and selling the archives from when they were good. [PaidContent]

Jack Shafer is all cool with Ed Rendell buying the Philadelphia Media Network, FYI. [Reuters]

Rupert Murdoch’s comeback kid, The Sun on Sunday, has a column by Katie Price (aka Jordan), will correct “significant errors” and is not too sleazy. [BBC]


Morning Links: Female War Corros Remember Marie Colvin