Morning Links: Groupon a Good Guy Now

First we thought Groupon would kill newspapers by supplanting advertising for local businesses, but now it might save their circulations. People actually buy those Groupons for magazines and newspapers. [AdAge]

How weird is it that there are still Digital Magazine Awards and Regular Magazine Awards? [Capital NY]

Wounded French journalist Edith Bouvier’s rescue from Syria still unconfirmed. [Cutline]

Why has The New York Times avoided the NYPD spying on Muslims story? [Huffington Post]

Businessweek brings the Richard Turley magic to its website. [Adweek]

Michael Arrington on keeping a job at TechCrunch: “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight with Arianna. She’s smart and she’s mean as hell and she tends to win her fights.” [Uncrunched]

Scotland Yard gave Rebekah Brooks a horse. [NY Times]

You might make money printing out the Internet. [Nieman Lab]

Twitter is not an ESPN reporter’s personal playground. [Deadspin]


Morning Links: Groupon a Good Guy Now