Morning Read: De Blasio Staffs Up; LGBT Schism; More Trouble for Espada

Andrew Cuomo says he is not backing off his threat to veto the LATFOR lines.

Bill de Blasio has staffed up for  a likely mayoral run, hiring Obama adviser John del Cecato and Anna Greenberg as pollster.

Anthony Weiner and wife Huma Abedin were seen spotted around the Flatiron District with their two-month old son strapped to his chest.

Joe Nocera sees Andrew Cuomo’s embrace of gay marriage as a way to appeal to progressives while being a fiscal conservative in advance of 2016.

Pedro Espada’s network of health clinics were granted a temporary stay over efforts to drop them from the Medicaid program.

The feds are now investigating whether or not Espada coached a woman to lie before a federal grand jury.

Rutgers University wants a “thorough investigation” of the NYPD’s monitoring of its students.

Kansas and New York are sparring over the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, out on a “spooky” and little used piece of land in Long Island Sound.

Grace Meng said workers at a local Boston Market repeatedly referred to her as “La China” during a visit to the restaurant.

Laura Nahmias sees a new schism in the gay rights movement: “On one side are moneyed mainstream gays and their straight allies who turned a once-inconceivable idea into a same-sex marriage law. On the other are activists ready to keep protesting for transgender rights, expanded social services and other items on their agendas.”

Andrew Cuomo unveiled two new programs designed to help college students start out in a career in public service.

Michael Powell takes a look at the sweetheart deal Fresh Direct took to stay in New York City, the first of several the company has benefitted from and one of  series of subsided projects that have gone to their new home in the Bronx.

Left undebated in the hydrofracking controversy: how to handle the millions of gallons of contaminated wastewater that come with it.

Next month the Park Slope Food Co-op will hold a vote on the banning of Israeli products.

Will tablet computers replace TV’s in taxicabs?

The arrest of a building manager on the Lower East Side demonstrates the difficulty of keeping affordable housing in low-income areas.

As Second Avenue Subway construction grinds on, the area around the project has grown suddenly affordable.

Eric Schneiderman is teaming up with Kathleen Rice over a new prescription drug measure.

The Post calls on lawmakers not to raise the minimum wage.

The Times wants New York City’s Board of Election to clean up its “preposterous” way of counting votes.

The Daily News calls on Dean Skelos and Shelly Silver to abandon Tom DiNapoli’s efforts to slow pension reform.

Chuck Schumer pushed for more aid to flood ravaged regions upstate.

Newly minted Cardinal Dolan said his first priority was further outreach to immigrants, especially Latinos.

An off-duty NYPD sergeant was arrested for a DWI.

David Boies is getting involved in a “Kosher Food Fight” over Sabbath vending at Citifield.

Occupy Wall Street protesters are next taking a look at the prison system.

Morning Read: De Blasio Staffs Up; LGBT Schism; More Trouble for Espada