Morning Read: Deadline for Teacher Evals; The Seneca Scuffle; Churches Out In Schools

Fred Dicker says that Shelly Silver put a “poison pill” in the Assembly’s teacher evaluation law in order to scuttle a deal.

Bill de Blasio blamed Mike Bloomberg for the impasse, saying that his rhetoric against teachers poisoned the negotiations.

An analysis by New York World shows that the Senate Republicans would pick up two extra seats under their redistricting plan.

Andrew Cuomo is pushing for the comptroller’s office to cut back on some of its oversight functions just as Tom DiNapoli is stopping more and more contracts from being approved.

The wife of a Seneca businessman involved in a scuffle Friday night at the Seneca Niagara Casino told Niagara Falls police that State Sen. Mark J. Grisanti punched her husband in the head as they were leaving the casino.

Yesterday was the last day that churches could worship in public schools.

A surge in the number of people earning minimum wage has driven the debate to lift it in Albany.

Senate Democrats are again pushing for micro-stamping legislation.

The police union wants data on 9/11 first responders who have cancer.

Amidst declining crime levels, street prostitution remains steady.

The Public Employee Conference--a coalition of public sector unions–is pushing for higher pension payouts just as Cuomo is calling for a Tier 6 pension plan.

Hospitals around the state are aggressively collecting on the debt owed by indigent patients, even though state laws forbid it.

Rudy Giuliani accuses Obama of being soft on Iran.

Ed Cox calls for a capital gains tax cut.

Parkside head Evan Stavisky lives in Queens and serves his neighborhood as a district leader, even though he spends a lot of time in Rockland County where his wife resides.

President Obama will release a budget plan today that will call for higher taxes on the wealthy.

Obama will also unveil a $8 billion jobs plan that uses community college as job training centers.

The plan will include $300 million in health care cuts.

GOP voters have a two-week reprieve.

Mitt Romney is planning to roll out a new tax plan.

In Utah, there are doubts about Romney’s claim that he saved the winter Olympics.

Conservative leaders don’t approve of Obama’s contraception compromise.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan is opposed as well.

The Boston Globe notes that Romney approved of earmarks when he was governor.

  Morning Read: Deadline for Teacher Evals; The Seneca Scuffle; Churches Out In Schools