Morning Read: Last Night’s Debate; Defending the NYPD; Challenging Vito

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney sparring last night. (Photo: Getty)

Glenn Beck is angry at a Park Slope food co-op.

The Daily News defended the NYPD monitoring Yale.

Ray Kelly, writing in the Daily News, says the NYPD must do more.

Cory Booker is seeking a probe into the NYPD activities.

The Post paid respects to Marie Colvin.

Senate Democrats said they have the votes to block a veto override on redistricting. This may not be necessary.

Bronx and Harlem leaders are squabbling over a potential new Latino-majority seat.

Diana Reyna’s Chief of Staff may challenge Vito Lopez for District Leader.

Adolfo Carrion said he’d like to run for something.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. will be giving his State of the Borough speech today.

Courts are rushing to prevent foreclosures.

A judge’s ruling complicated the hydrofacking issue.

New York City is cracking down on illegal taxis.

After a fatal police shooting in the Bronx, the police unit is facing increased scrutiny.

The pension power struggle emerged.

Governor Cuomo said pension reform must be part of the budget.

A New York Times editorial referenced both “Angry Birds” and “Words With Friends.”

On the presidential races:

6 takeaways from last night’s debate.

Who won?

Rick Santorum lost.

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney questioned Santorum’s conservatism.

Republicans fret over the tone of it all.

Mormon voters will help Romney in Arizona.

The secret history of the 2008 campaign.

Times headline: “To Irish Eyes, an Error in the ‘O’Bama’ Campaign.

Morning Read: Last Night’s Debate; Defending the NYPD; Challenging Vito