Morning Read: NYPD Spying; Teacher Reports Due; Spitzer Urges Cuomo LATFOR Veto

A new Associated Press report reveals that the New York Police Department targeted Muslim mosques with tactics normally reserved for criminal organizations, including collecting the license plates of worshippers, monitoring them on surveillance cameras and cataloging sermons through a network of informants.

The NYPD maintained that such spying is perfectly legal.

In his pension reform efforts, Andrew Cuomo appears to be willing to drop a 401 (K) style pension reform plan for reduced benefits.

Andrew Cuomo wants to best last year’s on-time budget by delivering one a week early this time around.

The Teacher Data Reports are set to be released today, and the UFT is already engaging in a campaign to discredit it.

The Dept. of Education is investigating nine schools for irregularities in the way they scored exams and rewarded credits.

A Queens school aide was charged with illegally touching six girls, the fifth such incident this year in city schools.

Eliot Spitzer urged Andrew Cuomo to veto the LATFOR lines; Responded Cuomo spox Josh Vlasto: “The governor’s office has no comment on anything Spitzer says.”

Celeste Katz has video of George Maragos and Wendy Long at last night’s New York County Republican Dinner.

The NYCLU is suing a Bronx precinct over the alleged use of quotas.

The Times road-tests the Queens convention center by taking two midtown conventioneers on a Racino road trip.

More and more families are making Long Island City home.

As the federal government looks to trim Medicaid costs, many health care providers in New York State are discovering that managed in-home care is preferable to nursing homes.

Health officials order Peninsula Hospital in Queens to shut down, saying the facility failed to meet the accepted standards of care.

The trial of Dharun Ravi, whose alleged cyber-bullying led to the suicide of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, is set to begin today.

Mitt Romney is making use of oppo research.

A Very Much Not Coordinating With The Romney Campaign SuperPAC recycled an old Romney ’08 ad.

The head of the House Republican fundraising efforts is under fire for using his own businesses to improperly reimbursed contributors.

A look at how different states determine delegate allocations.

Keith Olbermann must not be happy: Bill Maher presented Obama’s SuperPAC with a $1 million check live on stage.

Rick Santorum’s wife said his presidential run is “Gods Will.”

Gay marriage passed the Maryland State Senate. Morning Read: NYPD Spying; Teacher Reports Due; Spitzer Urges Cuomo LATFOR Veto