Morning Read: Quinn and Giske; Cuomo’s Comfort; Silver and Bloomberg Team Up On Minimum Wage

Christine Quinn’s friendship with super-lobbyist Emily Giske draws scrutiny.

Shelly Silver hopes to make Andrew Cuomo “comfortable” with the new maps.

The Senate carved a single block out of the Upper East Side and put it in the South Bronx.

Mike Bloomberg will lay out his budget today with a plan to close a $2 billion deficit without tax increases.

Al Sharpton came out against the new district lines at a City Hall press conference yesterday.

Andrew Cuomo superimposed his own face over a picture of the iconic Uncle Sam during a speech to the state’s county executives yesterday. He wants THEM to join in his efforts to reform Albany.

Michael Grimm: “I will win by a big margin. And at the end of all this, there’s going to be a lot of apologies owed.”

Cuomo wants to avoid the possibility of three elections in New York State this year

According to The Post, the MTA is “caving” in contract talks with the TWU and giving subway operators three days off when they hit someone.

Bill de Blasio slammed Mike Bloomberg for not properly tracking the cancer rate among 9/11 first responders.

More than 600,000 homeowners  received $19.3 million more in property-tax rebates than they should have last year when Gov. Cuomo proposed a property tax cap before the city’s finance department could adjust the bills it sent out. The city intends to take the money back.

In his State of the Borough today, Manhattan BP Scott Stringer will propose cutting taxes for 95 percent of New Yorkers.

The landlord for Cuomo’s office in Midtown Manhattan is putting 10 floors in the building up for sale—at twice the price it paid for the space from a state agency five years ago.

A prominent academic resigned from the SUNY board after conflicts over approving charter schools.

Tropical Storm Lee left the Southern Tier with a nursing home bed shortage.

Shelly Silver and Mike Bloomberg [!] op-ed in favor of an increased minimum wage.

After Cablevision employees voted to unionize, CEO James Dolan fired two senior managers.

Greg Kelly hasn’t yet spoken to the Manhattan DA about the rape charges against him.

A map of how much energy each block of New York City uses.

Mitt Romney is not concerned about the very poor.

Donald Trump will endorse Newt Gingrich.


Morning Read: Quinn and Giske; Cuomo’s Comfort; Silver and Bloomberg Team Up On Minimum Wage