Morning Read: Shielding Teachers; Pushback on Spying; Pension Borrowing

More and more municipalities and public employers in New York State are borrowing against their pension fund in order to pay their pension obligations.

Pension reform may be floundering because lawmakers are only obsessed with their new district lines.

The Times urges Gov. Cuomo to tackle pension reform.

Ray Kelly defended the NYPD’s counterterrorism program: “People have short memories as to what happened here in 2001.”

But Michael Powell writes the attacks of 2001 “may not confer immunity against tough questions, not the least of which is what sort of ‘ leads’ justify monitoring hundreds of thousands of people.”

Following his brawl there last month, Mark Grisanti has been banned from the Niagara Seneca Casino.

If redistricting draws him out of his district, Lew Fidler may run against Marty Golden.

A federal judge stepped in to draw New York’s congressional lines.

A bill that would increase the Port Authority’s accountability and would  eliminate free tolls, sports tickets and other perks for Port Authority executives is making its way through the New Jersey legislature.

An esteemed New York wildlife pathologist with a four decade career in the Dept. of Environmental Protection abused state resources and mistreated his employees for decades, living at a scientific work station, using state staff members to baby-sit his children and chauffeur him around, and threatening and yelling at colleagues, a new IG report found.

Two N Train stations in Astoria have seen a spate of IPhone thefts.

After an eight year battle, Whole Foods is at last set to come to the Gowanus.

The Buildings Department is suspending the license of the owner an elevator maintenance company, Transel Elevator, that a Dept of Investigations report found responsible for the death of a Madison Ave advertising executive  in December.

A Yeshiva is attempting to build a 60-bed dormitory for boys in Far Rockaway, over the objections of local residents.

The chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents backs a change in state law to allow school districts to shield teachers from the publication of their test scores.

At a Bronx school where half the teachers have below average or worse ratings, parents are threatening to remove their children.

Where the top mayoral candidates stand on the release of the teacher data.

A new plan for the Prospect Park loop would reduce the space for cars into a single lane and give dedicated lanes to both cyclists and pedestrians. Marty Markowitz doesn’t sound pleased.

Joe Nocera says that fracking isn’t going away, and praises those environmentalists who see it as a way to wean ourselves off of oil.

Two environmental groups are supporting a proposal to run a 330-mile power line from Quebec to Connecticut and New York City.

Just when he could really use them, Barack Obama’s panel of faith leaders has gone dark.

Rick Santorum’s lack of a cohesive campaign organization has hurt his ability to take advantage of Mitt Romney’s weaknesses as a candidate.

Who is William J.Dore, the mystery man behind Rick Santorum’s SuperPAC?

  Morning Read: Shielding Teachers; Pushback on Spying;  Pension Borrowing