Morning Read: Teacher Evaluations Deal; More Grimm; A Little Linsanity

The NYT devoted some ink to Linsanity today. (Photo: Getty)

The Daily News applauded Governor Cuomo’s teacher evaluations deal.

As did one of their columnists, Joe Williams.

The Times liked the deal as well.

While the Post found the deal “vexing.”

It could save $1 billion in federal aid.

The New York Times wrote an editorial reflecting on Linsanity.

David Brooks op-ed: “The Jeremy Lin Problem.”

Another Times op-ed: “Asian Men Can Jump.”

Mitt Romney’s campaign distanced itself from Michael Grimm.

Grimm’s supporters are planning a weekend rally in his support.

The New Yorker is not sure what is going on.

An American Spectator writer says David Storobin may be a model for Jewish Republicans.

A new Center for Law & Justice report was issued on racial disparities in arrests.

The Times Union wants to ban convicted felons from lobbying.

Buffalo’s Mark Grisanti’s new district is criticized the most by African-Americans.

New York Times correspondent Anthony Shadid tragically died.

New York Civil Liberties Union is helping Occupy protesters in court.

A government panel ruled in favor of some 9/11 cancer claims.

Mixed-race marriages are on the rise.

Gay marriage passed in New Jersey, but Chris Christie’s veto stands in its way.

On the presidential race:

President Obama raised $29 million in January, his campaign tweeted.

98% of their contributions were from small donors, says another morning tweet.

The Republican Jewish Coalition accused President Obama of wanting to “weaken” Israel.

The Times accused Rick Santorum of small thinking.

His Super PAC goes positive in advertising, for the moment at least.

Santorum & Romney are selling nostalgia in Michigan. Morning Read: Teacher Evaluations Deal; More Grimm; A Little Linsanity