Munoz bid to delay same-sex marriage bill fails

TRENTON – In opposition to the Marriage Equality Act, Republican Nancy Munoz said that in a democracy everyone’s opinion counts and many members of the public said they want a voice on the same-sex marriage issue.

“Who should be the ultimate judge on deciding the issue,’’ she said.  “Should it be the 121 of us in Trenton or should we let  the people of the state of New Jersey decide.  Because if the polls are correct and the majority are in support of this then this legislation will go forward.  So I say to you I trust the people of New Jersey and I believe that they should be allowed to voice their opinion.”

She moved to return the bill for a second reading for the purpose of amending it and sending it to the ballot in November.  Her motion was met with applause and cheering just as boisterous as the applause and cheering for those who support the bill.

Her motion failed, and was tabled 44-31-1. Munoz bid to delay same-sex marriage bill fails