Murphy Has 99 Problems With Grimm But Fundraising Allegations Ain’t One

Mark Murphy

Throughout New York’s 13th Congressional District, Democrats are giddy and Republicans are defensive over the fundraising allegations against GOP Congressman Michael Grimm, where the New York Times‘ sources accused him of various crimes, including accepting envelopes full of cash.

However, after a thorough investigation, Politicker found the one person in the district who absolutely doesn’t want to talk about it: Mr. Grimm’s chief Democratic opponent, Mark Murphy.

“You know, I read the New York Times. I’ve read many of the different articles and I’m focused on my campaign. I’m focused on protecting Social Security and Medicare,” Mr. Murphy forcefully stated in response to a question at an event.

Politicker then tried a different approach, pitching a softball question about some reporters’ inability to interact with Mr. Grimm, and whether Mr. Murphy felt that was appropriate.

“You know, I’m focusing on my campaign. We’re going through a program next week actually, where we’re going to begin something called ‘Candidate on the Corner,'” he dodged, going on to explain instead about how he will campaign in various parts of the district.

Despite the repeated vow to “focus on my campaign,” Mr. Murphy laid into Mr. Grimm on the very next question, accusing him of voting to raise taxes on the middle class, suggesting the allegations were actually the only thing he didn’t want to talk about.

Watch the exchange below:
Murphy Has 99 Problems With Grimm But Fundraising Allegations Ain’t One