NADA New York Launches May 4 With 60 Galleries: We Have the Complete List

NADA Miami Beach.

The New Art Dealers Alliance’s first fair in New York City will feature 60 galleries, including 19 mostly international galleries that have never before shown in the fair’s Miami Beach edition.

The fair runs May 4-7, coinciding with the first Frieze New York fair, at 548 West 22nd Street—home to Zach Feuer, CRG Gallery and next month’s Independent Art Fair. NADA director Heather Hubbs said the overwhelming international interest was unexpected.

“We always keep an open application process and welcome everyone to apply,” Ms. Hubbs said, “And I think the nice thing about that is that you sometimes get surprises—galleries that you may not even expect to apply show up, and you learn about some great galleries that you may not have even known before.”

New York leads the geographical breakdown, with 27 of the galleries hailing from the five boroughs. Europe and the U.K. come in at #2, with 25 galleries.

The complete list, which features plenty of familiar galleries, is available below:

1/9 Unosunove – Rome
Aanant & Zoo – Berlin
Alden Projects – Manhattan
American Contemporary – Manhattan
Ancient & Modern – London
Blanket Contemporary Art Inc. – Vancouver
Brand New Gallery – Milan
Brennan & Griffin – Manhattan
Callicoon Fine Arts – Manhattan
Champion – Austin
Christopher Crescent – London
Clages – Cologne
Clarence Mews – London
Clearing – Brooklyn
Clifton Benevento – Manhattan
Clint Roenisch – Toronto
Corbett vs. Dempsey – Chicago
Croy Nielsen – Berlin
Derek Eller Gallery – Manhattan
Duve Berlin – Berlin
Eleven Rivington – Manhattan
Feature Inc. – Manhattan
Franklin Furnace – Brooklyn
Franklin Parrasch – Manhattan
Galerie Andreas Huber – Austria
Galerie Christian Lethert – Cologne
Galerie Parisa Kind – Frankfurt
Gavlak Gallery – Palm Beach
Green on Red Gallery – Dublin
Honor Fraser – Los Angeles
Ibid Projects – London
Independent Curators International (ICI) – Manhattan
Invisible-Exports – Manhattan
Jacky Strenz – Frankfurt
Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery – Manhattan
Klemm’s – Berlin
Laurel Gitlen – Manhattan
Linn Lühn – Dusseldorf
Lisa Cooley – Manhattan
ltd los angeles – Los Angeles
Martos Gallery – Manhattan
Nanzuka – Tokyo
Nathalie Karg/Cumulus Studios – Manhattan
Neue Alte Brücke – Frankfurt
New Galerie – Paris
Nicelle Beauchene Gallery – Manhattan
Rachel Uffner Gallery – Manhattan
Rawson Projects – Brooklyn
Real Fine Arts – Brooklyn
Regina Rex – Queens
Rob Tufnell – London
schleicher+lange – Paris
SculptureCenter – Long Island City
Silverman – San Francisco
Sorry We’re Closed – Belgium
Ten Haaf Projects – Amsterdam
The Company – Los Angeles
The Journal Gallery – Brooklyn
Thomas Duncan Gallery – Los Angeles
Tomorrow – Toronto
UNTITLED – Manhattan
Van Horn – Dusseldorf
Vogt Gallery – Manhattan
Western Exhibitions – Chicago NADA New York Launches May 4 With 60 Galleries: We Have the Complete List