National Organization for Marriage Enters Brooklyn State Senate Race

(Photo: Wikimedia)

The National Organization for Marriage has taken its anti-gay marriage efforts down to a local level, purchasing advertisements in the special election to replace former State Senator Carl Kruger. A reader found one of these ads in the Orthodox Jewish publication Country Yossi Magazine.

“We Need A Senator Who Supports Torah Values,” the ad’s headline reads, before going after the Democratic candidate. “Lew Fidler voted to support same-gender ‘marriage,’ a forbidden act under the Torah.”

The ad’s featured photo is the Republican candidate, attorney David Storobin, standing in between Majority Leader Dean Skelos and State Senator Marty Golden, surrounded by Rabbis. Below is a photo of Mr. Storobin with Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, who the New York Times once described as “prominent and influential.” According to the ad, Rabbi Belsky says it is forbidden “to provide public recognition or any kind of assistance to Lew Fidler … Rabbi Yisroel Belsky endorses David Storobin, who will support Torah Values.”

The National Organization for Marriage, a non-profit formed to pass Proposition 8 in California, is a constant player opposing efforts to legalize same-sex marriage around the country. However, this may be one of the first times they entered the debate retroactively. Gay marriage, of course, has already passed the New York State Senate and been signed into law. The political barriers to undoing the legislation are extremely high.

The ad’s disclaimer says it was purchased “in cooperation with Jews for Morality,” an organization working against Mr. Fidler as well.

View the ad from Country Yossi below:
National Organization for Marriage Enters Brooklyn State Senate Race