Neil Strauss Not Able to Game Reddit

Neil Strauss (Getty Images)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Neil Strauss, author of The Game (and a lot of other books/articles, but mostly The Game) went on Reddit’s AMA section with a post titled “IAM a seven-time New York Times bestselling author (Neil Strauss).”

One commenter wanted to know his thoughts on the fact that Hookup Artist community has apparently sold out and is now all about the dollahs. (Instead of being all about how to trick women into sleeping with you, we guess.) The only problem? Mr. Strauss himself charges $100,000 for courses on seduction.

Woody Harrelson should have warned him…Reddit commenters can be brutal if they smell hypocrisy.

Rlight: How do you feel about the monetizing of the pickup community?

iamneilstrauss: I feel like it’s made it confusing for guys getting into it now. In the past, you’d go to the main forums and there was this free exchange of information. Now all the information comes with a price tag, and you don’t know if it’s from someone who’s credibly using it with success or if it’s just a good marketer with no social skills whatsoever trying to make money.

That’s why communities like this are great: truth is (generally) sorted from bs pretty quickly.

kentrel: How do you complain about the seduction industry when you charge $100,000 for a personal bootcamp? And when you charged thousands of dollars for a set of DVDs of you repeating this same advice that’s freely available everywhere.

How do you justify that?

You marketed with stuff like this “The Forbidden LAS VEGAS technique” which turned out to be just an acronym for dressing well and having some attractive qualities, that everybody already posted about.

iamneilstrauss: I charge $100,000 for them, because I don’t want to do them. I like writing books, and am doing my best to scare people away. It appears to be working.

bigtastyburger: That doesn’t answer the question. You sold 375 seduction DVDs at approx $4000 each to the tune of $1.7million or so. Your seduction company still charges a lot of money last I checked.

You are the seduction industry. How do you reconcile that with your complaints about the community turning into an industry.

Someone watch out for a cameo on USA Network, because Mr. Strauss has been put on burn notice! Neil Strauss Not Able to Game Reddit