New York State Will Accept Your Redistricting Proposal!

Can you draw a better map than this?

Ever want to draw your house into a new Congressional district? Well now you can.

As the redistricting battle between Albany and the courts moves forward this afternoon, the judge ruled the courts will accept and consider Congressional redistricting proposals submitted by the public.

“Members of the public and interested organizations may also submit, by Friday, March 2, 2012, proposed New York State Congressional redistricting plans and supporting arguments,” the judge  wrote in the court docket for the case.

Interested parties can submit their plans here, but they’ll have to act quickly as the deadline is this Friday, March 2nd.

Later today, the Republican State Senate and Democratic State Assembly are expected to release their own individual redistricting proposals for the Congressional map, as they were not able to come to an agreement. Each map is likely to be a partisan gerrymander in favor of the party that controls the respective legislative bodies.

(These two maps will be available on the website for the United States District Court involved.)

If the Assembly and State Senate remain unable to come to a compromise on a map that they can both agree to, the courts will be forced to intervene, and proposals from the public can be considered as the legal system works to figure out exactlywhere the lines should be. New York State Will Accept Your Redistricting Proposal!