New York’s Hottest Nightclubs… Illustrated

The hottest new comedy blog is SplitSider! (NBC)

Splitsider, the comedy blog edited by Adam Frucci and published by those nice folks over at The Awl, is usually great by default: there aren’t a lot of other straight-up humor blogs of any value on the web that aren’t Tumblrs owned by comedians, so the bar is set pretty low. Interviews with funny people, weekly concept pieces, some original writing, a tweet round-up, and boom: you’re the best source of comedy news on the Internet.

But once in awhile Mr. Frucci’s crew finds a truly inspired way to report on comedy trends, like having a bunch of illustrators interpret the horrific-sounding clubs described by Saturday Night Live‘s Nightlife Correspondent, Stefon.

Since we’ve been jonesing for more Stefon news ever since he came out with his own Yelp page, we’re about ready to contact Matt Smithson and Danielle MacIndoe to see if they’ll see us their interpretations of BOOOOOOF! (“Located in an abandoned orphanage in the Lower East Side of Chelsea, this round-the-clock puke party is the creation of narcoleptic club owner Snoozan Lucci, and this place has everything: pugs, geezers, doo-wop groups, a wise old turtle that looks like Quincy Jones…and you’ll have your own When Harry Met Sally moment when you share a special kiss with Gizblow the Coked-Up Gremlin. I’ll have what she’s having.”)

…and Ounce (“Located in the middle of the East River, this place has everything: cholos, puke people, a sheepdog that looks like Bruce Vilanch, and an entire room of puppets doing karate…It’s that thing where someone calls Miss Piggy fat and she goes, ‘High ya!”) to hang up on our office walls. New York’s Hottest Nightclubs… Illustrated