Our Chat With The Big Lady Upstairs… At JCrew

Jenna Lyons

“Happy Valentines Day!” we said, approaching Jenna Lyons at the J.Crew presentation today. Arcade Fire was blaring in the background, and, standing amongst next season’s looks in the tents, we were feeling quite at home. “You’re the first person that’s said that, thank you,” the brand’s bespectacled creative director said, with a slight sniffle. Had we moved Ms. Lyons to tears? We didn’t peg her as the sentimental type!

We asked Ms. Lyons how she would celebrate the presentation’s completion. “I have to say, I’m running a 102 degree fever right now and not feeling so hot, so I’m probably just going to try and chill out,” she said. “So now I’m going to have some tea, maybe with a wee dram of whiskey in it.”And honey, we offered.

Despite feeling ill, Ms. Lyons was still able to speak to J.Crew’s latest collection. “I think for us its all about trying to show J.Crew in a slightly different light than people have seen it before. You know, we have a catalog, but this is a different vehicle for us, it’s an opportunity for us to show what we want the world of J.Crew to feel like.”

And looking around at the dapper gentlemen in blues and browns, it seemed like quite a fine world indeed. Walking around to the other side of the room, the ladies looks were on proud display. Walking down the line, we saw emerald greens, Barbie pinks, jacquard pants, pencil skirts, snake-skin purses, tweeds, knits, pumps and Kelly Bensimon, who we initially mistook for a wayward model.

It was J.Crew’s second appearance at Fashion Week, and the label did not disappoint. With richer fabrics than they have used in the past, J.Crew is clearly branching out into a new realm, while still remaining readily accessible to the average American buyer, both financially and aesthetically.

Our Chat With The Big Lady Upstairs… At JCrew