Pascrell challenges Rothman to debates

A day after U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman (D-9) charged Team Pascrell with redistricting tinkering that would have sacrificed Rothman, the Pascrell Campaign again blistered Rothman for running from U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett (R-5).

Pascrell said he wants to settle the deepening differences in a debate format.

“Bill Pascrell has spent his entire career fighting for New Jersey’s middle class and working families, and has been a leader against the Tea-Party backed Republican budget that raises costs for seniors and slashes education while it cuts taxes for the wealthy and corporate special interests,” said Pascrell Campaign Manager Justin Myers.

“As a result of Steve Rothman’s recent decision to forego the fight in his District with Tea Party Republican Scott Garrett and possibly move into the 9th District, Congressman Pascrell welcomes the opportunity to debate the issues most important to voters in his district and we
would like to thank the Paterson Pastors Council for providing a forum to begin that discussion.”

Rothman Campaign Spokesman Paul Swibinski brushed off the invite as a formality.

“I’m sure there are going to be a number of debates,” he said. “I’m sure other groups will be sponsoring forums. It’s obvious there will be debates. Their challenge is kind of silly and an attempt to divert attention from the firestorm they created (a letter written by Pascrell supporter Aref Assaf).” Pascrell challenges Rothman to debates