Port Authority transparency bill advances

TRENTON – The Senate Transportation Committee today released a bill to improve Port Authority of New York and New Jersey transparency.

S1115 passed along party lines 3-0-1, with Republican Sen. Joe Pennacchio abstaining.

The bill passed despite an impassioned testimony by Authority Deputy Director Bill Baroni to hold it and give him the chance to work on amendments with the sponsors.

The bill is “shortsighted, political, redundant and dangerous,” said Baroni, a former N.J. state senator. 

He said the bill calls for things already long in place, such as an independent auditor, and seeks to set in place new procedures that would endanger the reforms he has been working on for two years, since he was named to the Authority, and has been working alongside Director David Samson. 

But Sen. Robert Gordon, (D-38), Fair Lawn, one of the sponsors, said that while he appreciates the opportunity to work on changes with Baroni, but he wants to keep the process moving forward. He and others talked of the momentum that they don’t want to lose. Port Authority transparency bill advances