Raising the Roof: Chetrit Files for Hotel Chelsea Addition

Vacant looks.

As if the destruction of the Hotel Chelsea’s historic interiors were not bad enough—nor the asbestos and dust those renovations have kicked up—now daring developer Joseph Chetrit wants to stick something (no doubt unsightly) on top of the historic hostel.

According to DNAinfo, Chetrit has filed with the Landmarks Preservation Commission for a new addition atop the red-brick beauty. The developer has applied with the Department of Buildings to install a two-story scaffolding to show the impact of a new addition, so presumably we are looking at a two-story penthouse of some sort, the work of glass gussier extraordinaire Gene Kaufman.

The building’s remaining 100 or so tenants, not surprisingly, are perturbed.

“This is a landmark building and you don’t want to put something that doesn’t fit it all,” said Zoe Pappas, who leads a hotel tenant’s association. “Plus, there are people who are living in the other buildings nearby, which are residential. There is a synagogue next to us. I’m not sure that this is the way to go.”

A resident of the neighboring Carteret said the scaffolding blocks the sunlight, and the idea of a noisy rooftop bar is “terrifying” to fellow Carteret tenants.

Could this get any worse? Demolishing the place might save it from the indignity of its future.

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Raising the Roof: Chetrit Files for Hotel Chelsea Addition