Rebate bill – withdrawn last session – will return in March, sponsor says

TRENTON – A sponsor of the one bill that did not pass in last week’s Assembly session said it will be back on the voting board next time the full Assembly convenes, which is scheduled for March 15.

John Burzichelli, (D-3), West Deptford, said that A1511, which deals with consumer protections concerning posted rebate notices, became a casualty last week of the confusion and hubbub on the Assembly floor in the immediate aftermath of the momentous Marriage Equality bill vote.

“There was a lot of confusion,’’ he said Friday. “People were not paying attention to what bill was up, and people were moving around.

“At the end of the evening, we had the votes necessary to pass it, but people had scattered, and it will be on the agenda next time.”

As soon as the same-sex marriage bill passed, the packed Assembly chamber erupted in cheers of the supporters, a brief recess was declared, but people were continuing to mingle as the session resumed.

As the tally board began to light up, it seemed the bill lacked the votes, and the Speaker asked what the sponsor wanted to do.

Burzichelli withdrew the bill from a vote, and he said it will be back in March without any changes to it.

He said it has moved out of the Assembly previously only to be stymied in the Senate.

Among other things, the bill would stipulate how retailers could advertise rebates.

It would bar retailers from advertising a rebate by displaying an item’s net price unless either the amount of the rebate is provided to the buyer at the time of purchase, or the selling price of the merchandise is disclosed in the same font and size as the net price, and clear and conspicuous  notice is provided in the advertisement that a mail-in rebate  is required to achieve the lower net price.

Rebate bill – withdrawn last session – will return in March, sponsor says