ReelzChannel Picks Up Sarah Palin Film

Sarah Palin at this year's CPAC (Getty Images)

Sarah Palin has evidently been wigging out over Julianne Moore’s portrayal of her in the upcoming Game Change film on HBO. The TV movie shifts the focus of the campaign book from a panorama of the 2008 election to the aftermath of candidate John McCain picking Ms. Palin as his running mate. Ms. Palin published a series of photos intended to rebut the film in a Flickr album entitled “Game Change We Can Believe In.” Let it never be said that Ms. Palin wouldn’t destroy the Jeopardy! “Before and After” category.

The former Governor of Alaska will have a further chance to make her voice heard, as the little-seen documentary The Undefeated is to air on ReelzChannel (the network that broadcast The Kennedys miniseries, as well as reruns of Cheers, Becker, and Third Rock From the Sun) on March 11, the night after Game Change premieres on HBO.

The Undefeated features the commentary of Andrew Breitbart, played in 14 theaters last summer, and made $100,000. ReelzChannel Picks Up Sarah Palin Film