Residency issue snags Cerf hearing

TRENTON – The Judiciary Committee hearing of Christopher Cerf’s nomination for Education Commissioner has been pulled from Thursday’s agenda, according to Sen. Kip Bateman.

“I’m told that it was pulled,’’ he said this afternoon. “I’m hopeful it’s just going to be a delay.”

The reason, according to Bateman, concerns Cerf’s residency.

Originally, Acting Commissioner Cerf could not get a hearing because Sen. Ronald Rice, (D-28), Newark, was using the practice of senatorial courtesy as Cerf’s home-county senator to hold up the hearing. Rice has taken issue with the educational policies of Cerf and his boss, Gov. Chris Christie.

But then it was reported that Cerf had relocated to the Somerset County district of Bateman, (R-16), Branchburg.

But according to Bateman today, there apparently is some question regarding exactly where he resides.

But as far as Bateman is concerned, there really should not be a problem. “He’s told me he spends half his time in Montgomery and half his time in Montclair,’’ Bateman said.

“He’s doing his job very well,’’ Bateman said.

Cerf could not be reached immediately for comment.  Residency issue snags Cerf hearing