Rice reiterates Cerf opposition

TRENTON – Sen. Ron Rice, (D-28), Newark reiterated his opposition to Acting Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf having the ‘acting’ removed from his job title.

“I made it very clear that I will go to hell before I sign off on Cerf,” Rice said this afternoon. “There’s too many issues.”

It appeared as if Cerf had eluded Rice’s senatorial courtesy roadblock by moving to another county, and his Judiciary Committee nomination hearing was scheduled for Thursday. It now appears sidelined once again.

“I never thought that Cerf moved in the first place,” Rice said today.

“He has the job making the salary that a commissioner makes, with all the authority of the commissioner … All of the sudden you’re just going to get up and move to another (county)? … You have no more power, you’re making no more money,” Rice said.

 “No, I will not sign off on him.”

Complicating the matter is that the governor has held up the appointment of 11 Essex judges until Rice budges.

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