Riverdancer Has Brooklyn Property In Spades

The dancer and her muse.

April 30, 1994: a date seared into the hearts of all Irishmen. On that fated day, Jean Butler approached the stage in a Dublin Theater and, arms held  stiff at her sides, moved her legs with impossible alacrity in a seven minute interlude. A standing ovation and several contracts later, Ms. Butler was the original Riverdance hoofer, tripping the light fantastic nightly for crowds around the world.

After years years trotting lithely across the globe’s most famous stages, Ms. Butler settled down in her hometown, New York, with Jack Spade’s lead menswear designer, Cuan Hanley. Perhaps the couple’s abode didn’t afford enough room for Ms. Butler to slip jig and hornpipe, as they have purchased a new duplex condo in Clinton Hill.

The three-bedroom, three-bath space occupies the first two floors of a Brownstone at 217 Lafayette Avenue. According to a listing from Linda Williams of Kline Realty the home features high ceilings, significant closet space and “gas fireplaces that can also be used for heat” in the event of a particularly cold winter or another potato famine.

The gaff has been on the market since last August, listed originally for $1.2 million. The couple ended up paying $1.1 million for the place and are moving from an apartment in nearby Boerum Hill.


Riverdancer Has Brooklyn Property In Spades