Rory Lancman Continues Media Roll-Out, Shifts Focus to College Education

Rory Lancman at his press conference

Queens Assemblyman Rory Lancman, who’s currently campaigning for Congress against GOP Rep.  Bob Turner, held a press conference today focusing on nuts and bolts of education policy and lambasting Republicans in Congress for failing to do enough. A source close to Mr. Lancman indicated today’s event was an attempt to draw contrast with Republicans (like his opponent, hint, hint) while at the same time focusing on a meat and potatoes sort of campaign.

“Students are graduating with the equivalent of a mortgage’s worth of debt, with no house to show for it,” Mr. Lancman said. “Our students deserve better, and Congress needs to stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution.”

Mr. Lancman has been plenty willing to specifically lash out at Mr. Turner, but he has also been shifting his scope to broader issues not directly relating to his opponent. Most recently he called for additional Congressional action on guns. Today’s press conference appears to be a continuation of this messaging effort.

“At every turn, from the government shutdown threat to the debt ceiling debacle to the theatrics over the payroll tax, Republicans in Congress have focused on dragging the President down instead of standing up for the needs of the country,” he continued, cheering on President Barack Obama’s education initiatives. “We need a Congress whose priorities align with the priorities of working Americans.”

He’s hoping the voters in the district, should it survive redistricting, will envision him participating in these types of decisions. Rory Lancman Continues Media Roll-Out, Shifts Focus to College Education