Roundup: Christine Quinn Gave a Speech; Candidates Go to CPAC

Christine Quinn gave her State of the City address today. (Photo: NY1)

Jack McEneny, a key figure in the redistricting negotiations, claims to know nothing about combining Carolyn McCarthy and Gary Ackerman’s districts.

More Queens redistricting drama.

Should we be freaking out about redistricting? (Aaaaaaaaagh!)

Michael McMahon is calling around, could he be contemplating another Congressional run?

Rafael Espinal likes Erik Dilan’s chances.

George Amedore took a step towards a State Senate run.

Christine Quinn is seeking permanent affordable housing.

Read her full address.

Watch her full speech.

Eric Schneiderman announced a mortgage relief plan.

And he reassured liberal skeptics.

Kirsten Gillibrand could head the Senate Democrats’ campaign efforts.

New Yorkers like their parking stickers.

NYT’s CityRoom made fun of Boston, then apologized.
(The Politicker firmly stands by our comments)

On the presidential race:

Mitt Romney’s coming back to New York for more money.

He faces a test at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

The Fix liveblogged CPAC’s speakers today.

Romney criticized Santorum over earmarks.

Santorum defended himself.

The Wall Street Journal cautioned Romney on that negative stuff he’s doing. Roundup: Christine Quinn Gave a Speech; Candidates Go to CPAC