Roundup: Fidler vs. Storobin; Redistricting; Debate Night

A crew of workers prepares the stage for CNN's debate tonight at 8pm. (Photo: Getty)

Hakeem Jeffries received another union endorsement.

Candidates emerged for Lou Tobacco’s Assembly seat.

Lew Fidler said his record is longer than David Storobin has been alive.

He was endorsed by SEIU 32BJ.

Sheepshead Bites delved into the vouchers in the race.

Colby Hamilton further analyzed the new Orthodox State Senate district.

NYCLU says black and Latino students are unfairly targeted by school cops.

Kirsten Gillibrand was rated the most liberal Senator by the National Journal.

Steve Katz vowed to push forward with his primary challenge against Greg Ball.

Michael Grimm turned over documents to the Department of Justice.

The FBI said he left the bureau in good standing.

Dan MacLeod dug into the background of one of Grimm’s new staffers.

Meet the special master who might draw the new redistricting maps.

Governor Cuomo doesn’t think the 63rd State Senate seat is that big of a deal.

Why is he being so modest about the potential for reform?

Micah Kellner won’t vote for the map.

Here’s one very hypothetical Congressional redistricting plan.

Watch Cuomo talk about redistricting, pensions, and more.

Can Cuomo do anything about Indian point?

Union membership in New York is on the decline.

Leroy Comrie ramps up fundraising efforts. More here.

Cardinal Dolan made the rounds for Ash Wednesday.

Staten Island lawmakers declared victory over ballast water standards.

Marty Golden will join the Linsanity.

Dan Squadron welcomed the Lin to his district.

On the presidential race:

New York’s Jewish Republicans are split over Mitt Romney & Rick Sanoturm.

Buddy Roemer is now a third party candidate. History will remember this day.

Romney hasn’t held a press conference in two weeks.

Don’t expect him to be nice at the debate tonight.

What to watch for during the debate. Roundup: Fidler vs. Storobin; Redistricting; Debate Night